I LOVE the title of Anne Graham Lotz’ book, 

Just Give Me Jesus





It doesn’t get much simpler than those words, that Person, and that cry of our hearts.

But we don’t live in a simple world. There are many who seek to complicate, deceive, derail, and confuse the Word of God. Sadly, false teachers have risen from inside the church. They have redefined, reimagined, reorganized, repackaged the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is called The Emergent Church.

Have you heard of the emergent church? Do you know what they believe and teach? Would you recognize their distortion of Scripture if it entered your church? 

If you cannot answer “YES” to all of these questions then you have an obligation as Christian women to find the answers and “. . . contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.” (Jude 3)

to protect our children,

to stand for truth in your church

and be the gatekeeper of your home.

 not just when it is convenient

but when it will be heard by the crowds

when it will risk a friendship

when it will offend your family

and even when it might anger your pastor