Thought you might be interested in learning how simple it is to change your default search engine to and start increasing your percentage of dividends for the month of September. (Please see my earlier post for details.)

  1. Right click on the internet explorer icon
  2. Choose “properties”
  3. Go to the magnifing glass icon — next to it are the words “change search defaults”
  4. Click the “settings” button
  5. Click “Find more providers” in the bottom left corner of window
  6. In the new screen look at the box on the right with the words “Create Your Own”
  7. Follow the directions exactly: go to, in their google window type “TEST” in caps hit return and highlight and copy the URL address at the top. It is a bunch of gobbily gook but paste it in the window of #3. Fill in window #2 and press “install”. 
  8. It really works – I am always amazed when technology does what it says it will!

Now search to your heart’s content and know that you are making money!