I stumbled onto a site (which I cannot remember) and discovered www.ownMySite. In short, using www.ownMySite  to search the internet INSTEAD of Google PAYS YOU MONEY.  I NEVER knew that Google is paid money every time we use it. The Google search engine is also embeded in this site.

Skeptical, I marked it as a “favorite” and “Google bookmarked” it.  I used it a couple of times (really only twice) and then forgot about it. TODAY received an email from this site notifing me that .07 pounds (ownMySite.com must be a British owned company) would be deposited into my PayPal account (safer than providing your bank account).  Using an on-line money converter discovered that .12 USD will be deposited into my account AND I own 0.02% stake in the company.  Went to my PayPal account to confirm and accept the deposit. Imagine the potential!

Although I didn’t believe it at the time — the site further states that making a purchase, greatly increases the percentage of your dividends because the retailers for instance AMAZON.com pays www.ownMySite.com a commission. Using www.ownMySite will split their commision with US.

It is still almost to easy to believe but will certainly use more frequently in September and will keep you posted!

Please read below — information from their www.ownMySite.com below copied from their Home page.

The idea is simple. To create the world’s first website where users can own a stake in the business by simply registering and using the site for their everyday internet use. The more you use ownMySite.com, the greater your stake.Simply register with your name and email address – so we can reward you for your internet usage – and begin earning cash!

  • Once you register, you own a stake in the site.
  • The more you use the site for your everyday searches, the greater your stake.
  • If you click on one of the retailers and make a purchase on their site, the retailer gives ownMySite.com a commission. All commission will be split 50/50 between ownMySite.com and the stakeholders (registered users).
  • At the end of each month (starting with August 2008*) you will receive a Paypal payment to your email address proportional to your stake in ownMySite.com. (The site does not require any bank details or personal details to pay you. All you need is a valid email address)
  • If the ownMySite.com brand is ever sold to or acquired by another party, the same principle would apply. The proceeds of any sale would be split between ownMySite and the stakeholders. 50% of any proceeds would be retained by ownMySite.com and the remaining 50% would be shared between stakeholders proportional to the size of their stake at the time of sale.

Everyone is welcome to join and all those who do will automatically own a stake in ownMySite.com. What’s more, every stakeholder will automatically be paid a percentage of the site’s net monthly revenue based on their stake in ownMySite.com no matter how large or small. The only thing you need to do to increase your stake is to use the site. The more you use ownMySite.com, the bigger the percentage you own. Exactly 50% of all profits are paid directly to stakeholders every month and 50% of any proceeds from the eventual sale or acquisition of the business will be paid to stakeholders.

Many sites attract you in with useful content to help you choose your next online purchase for the cheapest price and present you with helpful links to the sellers website. What you may not know is that every time you find the product you like and click a banner or a link that takes you through to the merchants shop, the middle-man gets paid up to 40% of any subsequent purchases that you make with that shop.

ownMySite.com believes that these margins should be passed on to you, the shopper. That’s why we return 50% of the commission generated on every single purchase that you make through any of our partner sites. Exactly half of any net distributable revenue generated by ownMySite.com through an affiliate sale is returned back to you, the stakeholders no matter how big or small the purchase.

So as a stakeholder, you will be keen to increase the value of your stock. How do you do this? By simply making ownMySite.com your homepage and using it as you would normally use the web. The more you use the site, the greater your stake of the business. It really is that simple, so get surfing!

Be sure to log in to ownMySite.com every time you visit so we can reward you for your usage!