Following the aftermath of cleaning out the homeschool closet and reorganizing and rearranging my office, I have mounds and mounds and mounds of unwanted books and lots of trash.  I love this feeling of cleaning out and decluttering.  Order and simplicity throughout our home and in our lives is possible!

If you have not discovered you are missing a thrilling experience on so many levels.

produces motivation to declutter and simplify, which

creates beauty and order in your home, and

provides quick cash!

Many of you are still intimidated and have not taken the Ebay plunge — once you do — a whole new world of possiblitities becomes available. Below are listed just 5 of the many reasons to learn how to use and following these reasons is an optional assignment to get you started TODAY!

1.  Tired of the dishes you received 20+ years ago as wedding presents? Sell them on Ebay and purchase the ones that make your heart stop.

2.  Your children are begging you for a new electronic game? Sell a few that they no longer play with (with their permission/negotiation) and purchase the one they have been wanting.

3.  Need to purchase homeschool curriculum for this year? Sell last year’s curriculum on Ebay.

4.  Trying to fund a mission trip, field trip, or vacation? Critically look around the house at things you no longer use or love.  Look very hard and think do I really want that German Beer Stein or would I rather have $25 towards a long weekend away?  About 6 years ago, I began my Ebay journey and funded my husband and daughter’s mission trip — netting $2500! I even shared on my listings the purpose of the profits.

 5.  Want to start a Christmas Fund? Sell unused toys, movies, DVDs, camping equipment, books, stacks of magazines (yes indeed! especially the crafty ones!), collectibles you no longer collect, records (do you remember what these look like?), the sky and your home are the limit!

I believe so strongly that Ebay can bless your home that I am going to continue to post ideas, shortcuts, and reasons to use this amazing service! 

Simple Assignment:  Find a spot in your home to begin collecting items to sell.

If you want me to answer specific quesions, please send me an email or post a comment and I will respond!