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beautiful balance, and work your way back}

We schedule doctor appointments, business appointments, soccer practices, club meetings, church meetings, and birthday parties. Why wouldn’t we schedule the parts of life that really matter to God?

Wisdom is choosing to live life according to the priorities God sets down for His women. During this next week we will be examining the 8 keynote areas of life that answers God’s few-but-high callings to us. — Elizabeth George

Wisdom keeps her eye on her heart, on her homefront, and on heaven. — Elizabeth George

Wisdom gives diligent attention to being who God wants her to be in her heart, to doing what God wants her to do on her homefront, and to doing the things that count for eternity in heaven.  Ask God to help you trim out of your life what is meaningless, trivial, and secondary. –Elizabeth George

8 keynote areas of life:

Spiritual life

Family life

Home life

Church life/Ministry

Physical life

Social life/Friends

Financial life

Mental life

 This is a 10 part series.
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