This is a 10 part series that began in late August before there were many people visiting the simple front porch. I thought it might of interest.  The last installment — Part 10 — will post tomorrow.  Please leave your thoughts and especially share what you would include on your calendar for each keynote area! — I want to learn from all of you too! I hope this discipline blesses you and your families!

Does your heart long for peace, order, simplicty and balance? Do you desire to be a woman who is balanced in every area of her life?  Elizabeth George addresses this challenge in her book, A Woman’s High Calling.

Wisdom is the ability to use the best means at the best time to accomplish the best ends. It is not merely a matter of information or knowledge, but of skillful and practical application of the truth to the ordinary facets of life.— Sid Buzzell.

“By God’s grace, making His best choices is how you and I can be women who walk in wisdom.” — Elizabeth George

How do we fit everything into an already crowded life?  Elizabeth George shares with us her tool for beautiful balance.  She identifies 8 key keynote areas of life. This month we will be looking at each of these areas preparing you to design your own simple weekly calendar.

8 keynote areas of life:

Spiritual life

Family life

Home life

Church life/Ministry

Physical life

Social life

Financial life

Mental life

This is a 10 part series.
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