There are so many things we could be doing while we are in the kitchen preparing for dinner. A tip I learned a long time ago was that during the morning kitchen time also prepare dinner. We are already in the kitchen recovering from breakfast so why not combine tasks and also prepare dinner.

This made me think, how could I be more productive  during the dinner time?  Here are some suggestions — the key is that they must be “start and stop” tasks:

  • clean out the refrigerator
  • bake muffins or quick breads for the next day
  • fold laundry
  • decide tomorrow’s dinner and take anything needed out of the freezer
  • clean the sinks — for that matter clean cupboards too!
  • prepare school lunches for the next day
  • iron
  • make bread crumbs from leftover breads
  • read email — limiting my email viewing time greatly increased my daily productivity!
  • short phone calls — committee members, club members, children in college, school activities

What would you add to this list?