feng shui vs simply Jesus — what do you think?

(amusing, cultural reflections of feng shui

using actual exerpts from feng shui enthusiasts)

Question: “My  cat’s litter pan is located in a closet in the health section of the  feng shui ba qua map. I have no other place to put it as it. The problem is that my health has been ‘crappy’ so to speak. I put a crystal on a red string in the litter box area and was thinking of taping a couple of pieces of yellow paper to the closet wall so that the crystal reflects off of the paper. Would that help?”

Answer: The best thing to do would be to place a large mirror (full-length, if possible) on the outside of the closet door. I suggest removing the crystal, as it may be activating the litter box energy, rather than counteracting it.

Another solution is to place the litter box in the bathtub — the function of the bathroom is to remove waste energy, right? Then move the litter box when you need to take a shower or bath. I know several folks who live in small apartments who use this solution. I especially recommend this if the closet you are using now is close to the center of the house — remember that anything in the tai chiarea will affect the entire house and all aspects of your life. –author from a feng shui blog