true confession lovely, but not mine

true confession: lovely, but not mine

Do you have a well stocked, organized nightstand with all your necessary items to prepare you for bedtime.  I must admit that I have extensive needs in this area!  Here is my list — not in order of importance.

  1. 1.   Nail clippers — this may be #1 in importance too
  2. 2.   Assortment of favorite pens — blue, purple, burgandy
  3. 3.   Highlighter — anything but yellow
  4. 4.   Hand cream 
  5. 5.   If above hand cream is not suitable for under the eye — then eye cream (for the over 40 crowd)
  6. 6.   Flashlight — I read by this nightly and use for my 3:00 a.m. wake-ups to find my slippers
  7. 7.   Current book:  Robert Ludlum Covert One novel
  8. 8.   Scissors for cutting magazine pictures for my collage (more on that later)
  9. 9.   Index cards — this is part of my personal organization system
  10. 10. small (must be pretty) cup or dish for loose change, throat lozengers, and jewelry

11.  I have more favorites than I originally thought — Chapstick!

If you do not already have your bedside night stand set up and well-stocked — give it some thought! TIP: My husband usually falls asleep before me so I try  to do my nightly “rummaging” as quietly as possible. Of course consistent organization & purging of my supply drawer minimizes the noise.  Good night!