simple beginningsHave you thought about your morning routine? Best advice from flylady!  Develop your morning routine and stick to it!  It is all about discipline == Start your day with order and peace.
  •  Quiet time with the Lord — do before turning on the computer. Personal Bible study, just open the Bible and read, topic study, favorite devotional. TIP:  keep your To Do list next to you and when your thoughts are interrupted by the practicalities of the day — capture them on paper and eliminate the distraction.
  • Empty the dishwasher AND the drying rack:  My least favorite task but one I am most thankful for when it is done.  Once this is accomplished I can keep up the kitchen. When the drying rack is empty I am more apt to do the hand washing immediately.
  • Get completely dressed: Although I thinkI am more productive in my jammies — time management increases and I am ready for the ever dreaded changes to the day!
  • Check email and take the next action with each one:  This has been life changing — no exaggeration.  When I read an email I do whatever needs to be done with it — read & delete; read, schedule on calendar & delete; read, reply & delete; read, forward, and delete; or read & file.  TIP: Make it your goal to have 0 (zero) emails left in the day. I tried the red flag option but all it did was cause me anxiety as i saw them increasing with no desire to deal with them.
  • Quick straightening of the house. Tip: plus do something (just one) extra. Place a vase of flowers, rearrange the furniture in a room, freshen a shelf, clean out the frig, vacuum the kitchen – it feels fabulous!
  • Review the day’s schedule of activities.

Now I am ready — or at least as ready as I am going to be — for what comes my way.  What is in your morning routine?