Tonight I sat on the back porch. A very different perspective on life.  The back yard is open and lined with pine trees. The bird life is delightful to watch. It is quieter and more peaceful than the front porch and it was what I needed tonight.  The house is a bit of a mess as my daughter’s life is strewn across the kitchen table, the study and it is bursting from her bedroom.  She is almost packed and headed for her big adventure in College.

This past Sunday we sang “Shout to the Lord” and through tears of gratitude and joy my heart was uplifted. The line, “I shout for joy for the work of your hand, forever I’ll love You, forever I’ll stand . . .” was heart breaking in a beautiful way. The young woman who begins a new chapter of her life IS the work of HIS hand.  We have been so blessed by her life and role in our family.