August 2008

Through the years I have learned that the more I prepare the home for the weekend the more I am able to enjoy it with my family.

Set the menus for the weekend— something fun for Friday night, an all family dinner on Saturday night, and simple dinner for Sunday night.  When our children were younger it was always pizza for the kids and something with adult ingredients for me and my husband.  My husband and I approached these Friday evenings as in-house date night.  Saturday dinner is a meal the entire family will enjoy. It is a meal that reflects a little more effort than the weeknight dinners. Sunday is always relaxing and with fall football games, I don’t want to spend a lot of the time in the kitchen — so it is simple and easy like soup, pasta, or a crockpot creation.

Grocery shop on Thursday so parts of the meal can be made on Friday. This is the most rewarding accomplishment — when I can just pull out of the fridge a pot of soup, potato salad, an appetizer, or a fresh dessert — life is good!

Tidy and Clean the House: This does not mean spring cleaning on Friday but it is whatever we need to do to let go of “housework” in order to be relaxed and flexible for the weekend.  For me this is definitely vacuuming because of all the pet hair that accumulates, clean bathrooms, clean off the landing pad (our kitchen table), laundry baskets emptied, a general straightening of the house.

Team Uniforms Located and Clean: If team sports for any of the family occur on the weekend take the time on Friday to locate those uniform parts and clean if necessary — this alone eleviates buckets of stress!

Plan Family Activities:  If it looks like the weather over the weekend is going to be rainy, snowy, or cold rent movies ahead of time.  Plan a bike ride, a night to play games, or invite another family over for dinner.  OR maybe plan no activities because the family has been on the go and everyone needs just to be home.  You know their needs — plan ahead to meet those needs.

These suggestions don’t require much more than intentional planning ahead. The time invested will reward you and the family with rest and relaxation.  Have a great weekend! Leave a comment on the porch and let me know what you are planning this weekend!


feng shui vs simply Jesus — what do you think?

(amusing, cultural reflections of feng shui

using actual exerpts from feng shui enthusiasts)

Question: I am new to Feng Shui. My apartment’s Wealth corner is the bathroom. What can I do to stop my wealth from draining?


Answer: Your Wealth corner is the farthest left-hand back corner from the front entrance. Hang a Red tassel over your toilet from the ceiling. Keep lid down on your toilet when not in use, and flush toilet with the lid down. Add plants, real or fake, to the bathroom.  

   Maybe stop spending?



























Some call it passion, others call it mania when they think about why they ever made their decision to homeschool. This time of year I am overwhelmed, indecisive, and full of panic. So it is a healthy exercise to remember why we decided to take the plunge.

  • slow moving mornings
  • peaceful evenings (no homework)
  • student-driven education
  • creative expression
  • flexibility
  • more time with parents for life instructions
  • no bus ride
  • learning and living with a Christian world view
  • uniting the family
  • staying in jammies until noon

Nations never arise above the quality of their women

— Unknown

Welcome to part 3 of the simple weekly calendar. In this series we are looking at the 8 keynote areas of life that we intentionally plan into our week for beautiful balance which ultimately brings honor and glory to God. 

Every Sunday take a few minutes and think about each keynote area and write a goal. Schedule each day of the week to reflect the 8 goals. Determine what time and/or what day you will do each one of them (just like we would treat a doctor appointment or committee meeting.)

Spiritual Life is the first keynote area of life and also our top priority. Make no mistake — I am speaking specifically of a Biblical, Christ-centered priority. (Our postmodern culture is known for kidnapping and redefining words so you will often see me clarify the definition.) 

Reference:  Luke 10:27 “. . . You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind . . .”

A Sample: Have devotions each morning and write a key verse (that sits on my window sill over the kitchen sink) to think about during the day.

What would you schedule into your Spiritual Life?  Please share your thoughts and leave me a comment.

 This is a 10 part series.
Please enjoy the other posts under the category: simple weekly calendar.

Although the topic of false teachers is serious, it is refreshing to have a laugh at their absurdity & expense! Thank you to for their gift of laughter! At their site check out:

When the World Has More Discernment Than the Church

A wise Bible teacher once taught me that when studying Scripture, specifically, the New Testament Letters; one must recognize the question the letter is answering. Doesn’t it often feel when reading a NT Letter we have been thrust into a pressing, existing problem? Without stating the question, the writer is clearly & passionately answering a question or addressing a problem in the church.

Enter the Titus 2 woman. Although Scripture speaks to both men and women — there are some places where Scripture is speaking to specifically one gender. The letter to Titus from Paul is one.

While participating in a Bible study, A Woman’s High Calling by Elizabeth, George my eyes were opened to the question/problem that Paul was addressing in Chapter 2. According to John MacArthur’s study notes,

The ideas of radical feminism were an integral part of ancient Babylonian and Assyrian mythology as well as of Greek gnosticism, which fourished throughout the Roman Empire during NT times and posed a constant danger to the early church.”

From other sources I learned that in those days — women were often the ones listening to the false teachers and spreading their heresy. Perhaps that is why Paul is admonishing “older women to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good so that they may encourage the young women . . . “

What does that mean for us today?  Perhaps our fallen nature predisposes us to entertain false teachings and not sound doctrine? In Paul’s letter to Timothy,

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.”  (2 Timothy 4:3,4)

Time is precious and the time is now to stand for Truth, sound Biblical doctrine and the authority of Jesus Christ without apology. We have a gigantic influence on our children, husbands, homes, schools, churches, and communities.

We are living in a war zone and the battle ground is the minds of those we love and cherish — how many more “casualties” will we allow before we join the battle? Your child is worth my fight.

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